Metrics Tools Crawler Information

What are the Metrics Tools?

The Metrics Tools are SEO analysis software, they support the analysis of search engine rankings.

What is the user agent of the Metrics Tools Crawler?

User Agent Name: MTRobot
Full user agent: MTRobot / 0.2 (Metrics Tools Analytics Crawler;;

How can I block the Metrics Tools Crawler?

The Metrics Tools Crawler complies with the Internet robots protocol. You can use the robots.txt file to completely prevent the Metrics Tools Crawler from accessing your website, or to prevent the Metrics Tools Crawler from accessing some files on your website.

User agent: MTRobot
Disallow: /

Individual subpages:
User agent: MTRobot
Disallow: /please-dont-crawl.html

Will the Metrics Tools Crawler's crawling stress my website?

The Metrics Tools Crawler only crawls one subpage per host name at a time in order to keep the load as low as possible. It is comparable to that of a human visitor. If you have any questions about crawling, please contact